Travel Packing List / Packing Guide

*Essential Apparel.

  • 1] 5 days of worth of clothing

    ~ Preferably pack dark, neutral colors that go well with one another. Pack less for lighter bag and may be pack one pair of shorts for warmer days.


    ~ If you are upto some partying during your trip so pack 1 set for clubbing attire or occasion stuff.

  • 3] Comfortable walking shoes

    ~ Carry sturdy and waterproof sneakers and some pairs of socks.

  • 4] Stylish shoes for clubs

    ~ Pack extra light shoes for clubbing purpose which matches through your dressing.

  • 5] Slippers

    ~ Slippers are must to have rounds in common areas.

  • 6] Pajamas / Sleepwear

    ~ Usually go for oversized tees and cozy sweatpants for sleeping comfortably and if don’t want to crumple their daywear.

  • 7] Hanging Toiletry Bag

    ~ Necessary if you are travelling for long term of period or in emergency.

  • 8] Microfiber travel towel

    ~ Microfiber towels are always good for travelling period as they rolled up extremely compact and dry quickly.

  • 9] Individual grooming needs

    ~ Retainer, contact lens, specks goggles are must to carry.

  • 10] Travel detergent

    ~ carry alternative liquid / powdered detergent from your home in plastic bottles.

  • 11] Multi-Purpose ointments

    ~ Sunscreen / body lotion or lip balm, carry as per your need and destination climate.

  • 12] Dry shampoo

    ~ Dry shampoo can make your journey whole a lot more comfortable without sensations annoyingly greasy hair.

  • 13] Make - up remover wipes / wet tissue

    ~ After whole day of travelling wet tissues / or make - up remover wipes will help you to feel refresh .

  • * Electronics

  • 14] At least 2 power banks

    ~ With 2 power banks you can also charge your phone and camera at the same time.

  • 15] Camera (+charger)

    ~ To capture those awesome memories in crystal clear quality .

  • 16] Smart phone (+ charger)

    ~ Unless you are planning to be on a digital detox, this is no brainer essential.

  • 17] Extension cord

    ~ Extension cord allowing you to charge up to seven devices at once.


  • 18] Personal medication

    ~ You never know when you will be hit by a bunt of cold, or worse, diarrhea from eating something wrong. Pack over the counter (Basic Medicine) don’t forget band aids too!.

  • 19] Immunity boosters

    ~ Try to keep emergency immunity boosters like vitamin C tablets, probiotics & garlic tablets to keep viruses at bay.

  • 20] Wallet essential [ATM, credit cards]

    ~ try to keep you essential id ATM & credit cards for uncertain situations.

  • 21] Photocopy of passport (international)

    ~ should carry a passport photocopy if incase any problem arise.

  • 22] Waterproof file for important documents

    ~ If you are carrying any kind of documents must see you are placing it any safe water proof file.

  • 23] Useful mobile applications to have before your trip